Amorosa HK

The finest preserved Rose , AMOROSA now available for wholesale in HK.





AMOROSA has the meaning of "LOVE" in Spanish

- AMOROSA Rose comes from an exclusive farm in Ecuador, South America. The farm fosters unique species of rose which are especially suitable for the use of flower preservation.
– Once the roses bloom, they are cut directly from rose trees early in the morning, (to retain freshness and nutrients of rose petals)
- Preservation process is being executed in the same farm on the same day (to avoid any problems during transportation)
The flower preservation has two major procedures
(1) Decoloration – use special alcohol to remove the color of flower. Unlike bleaching, this method will not destroy any cells or components of petals; thereby it is able to remain the thickness and flexibility of each petal.
(2) Dyeing and Drying processes.
- Use specific organic and unharmful dye according to the different colors which developed in Japan, for the dyeing and drying process.
- After dyeing, only the biggest and best quality roses will be selected in accordance with the Japanese Quality Control guideline (only about 25% being qualified), and packed in the same farm for export purpose.
- Use special containers (with temperature and humidity control) to export directly to Japan.
- After the container has arrived in Japan, the importer will repeat the selection process (only about 90% meet the standard of Japan) for final approval.
- After a rigorous Quality Control process, we guarantee that all the preserved roses for our customers are in the best quality. This is “AMOROSA”